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Intestinal Formula 1 Capsules

Intestinal Formula 1 Capsules


Ingredients:  Agrimony Herb Powder, Burdock Root Powder, Cayenne Fruits Powder, Lobelia Powder, Cascara Bark Powder, Raspberry Leaf Powder, Vegetarian Capsules

£16 for 100 x capsules supplied in snap lock bags.  These capsules stimulate your colon’s natural muscle action by strengthening the necessary muscles. It’s designed to: Stop putrefaction, Disinfect, soothe and heal your colon, Improve digestion. Also relieve your body from discomfort brought about by gas and cramps. Increase flow of bile, which cleans gallbladder, bile ducts, and liver, and destroy the overgrowth of the unhealthy bacteria and fungi. Promote healthy intestinal flora.

Intestinal Formula 1 is part of a 5-Day Bowel Detox Program. This supplement is meant to relieve constipation and assist a more regular bowel movement.

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