Our Return Policy in short
  • Contact Life Herbs before returning any items
  • You can return only FAULTY or EXCHANGE items
  • Please clearly mark the package 'RETURNED GOODS'
  • If a package is unclaimed you might have to pay a handling fee

Return Policy

Please contact Life Herbs before returning any items.

It is appropriate that the consumer controls the delivery to verify that this is accurate and error free. For a complaint, the customer contacts Life Herbs and gives information relevant and the reason for complaint.

Return Conditions

You can only return faulty or exchange products within 30 days of delivery.  Exchange items must be unopened / unused. If the product is not faulty the product shall not be refunded. Make sure to include contact information with the return and if applicable, please provide us with any tracking number. Life Herbs suggests you get a posting receipt and a package ID for the return from the delivery service, as it makes it easier to follow the return shipment if needed.

Life Herbs will make a refund of eligible returns. If you paid by invoice, we will need a bank account number to transfer the money back to. The easiest way is to e-mail it to us along with a brief description of your case.

Returning A Package

Please use the packaging that you received the products in, or suitable strong packaging. Life Herbs cannot accept returns that are poorly packaged.

Transport Damage

If the product is lost or damaged during transport, you should immediately report this to us.

Unclaimed Packages

For packages that are not collected from your post office within 14 days, Life Herbs reserves the right to charge you a handling fee to cover return postage and carriage companies' administrative costs.

All enquiries: anne@lifeherbs.co.uk